Uke no go gensoku

'' A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step ''


Uke no go gensoku


The five principles of blocking.  Kenwa Mabuni

  1.  Rakka- Dropping flower
  2.  Ryusui- Running water
  3.  Kusshin- Up and down
  4.  Tenshin- Change position
  5.  Hangeki- Counter

A hard block causing injury to your attacker so that a fight may be avoided.

  Ryusui A soft, flowing block unbalancing your attacker, giving you the advantage to follow-up with a strike or control technique.

  Kusshin Using your legs to lift and drop your stance whilst moving, to enhance your blocks and strikes.

 Tenshin Changing your position backwards, forwards and to the side without losing balance or posture.

 Hangeki A counter attack without blocking, by moving and striking, or attacking before your opponent. This is used when an attack is unavoidable.

These five rules are applied together such as dropping down whilst striking down hard (kusshin and rakka) or side step and soft block (tenshin and ryusui). With practice, these principles will become automatic and natural.