Shukokai Kata

'' If you understand everything, you must be misinformed ''


Shogun Kata List


  • Shiho Zuki - four directions                       
  • Empi no kata - elbow                                   
  • Pinan  - peaceful mind  
  • Pinan Nidan                 
  • Pinan Shodan     
  • Pinan Sandan     
  • Pinan Yondan   
  • Pinan Godan    
  • Juroku  - sixteen 
  • Matsukaze - pine tree wind
  • Jiin - temple ground
  • Annanko - light from the south
  • Bassai Dai - storm the fortress
  • Seienchin - calm within the storm 
  • Kururunfa - tearing, hold your ground
  • Seipai - eighteen hands
  • Saifa - smash and tear
  • Chinto - crane on a rock
  • Shiho Kosokun - Chinese name
  • Jion - temple bell
  • Sanchin - three battles
  • Tensho - turning hands
  • Seiryu - the green willow
  • Shisochin - four battles
  • Rohai - vision of a white heron



  • Nipaipo - twenty eight steps
  •  Anan - white swan
  • Sanseiru - thirty six hands
  • Seisan - thirteen hands  
  • Suparimpei - one hundred and eight steps
  • Gojushiho - fifty four steps
  •  Niseishi - twenty four steps
  • Sochin - Strength and calm 
  • Unshu - hands in the clouds





                    SHUKOKAI  KATA  GROUPS

     Naha Te                        Shuri Te                        Tomari Te

(Strong & Powerful)                       (Light & Fast)                            (Strong & Light)


       SANCHIN                         SHIHO ZUKI                          ROHAI

      SAIFA                               5 PINANS                             JUROKUNO

      SEIENCHIN                      JIIN                                        UNSU

      SHISOCHIN                      NIPAIPO                               NISEISHI

      SEIPAI                              JION                                      MATSUKAZE

      SEISAN                             ANNANKO                           CHINTO

      SANSEIRYU                     SHIHO KOSOKUN               SOCHIN

      TENSHO                           BASSAI DAI





The 4 main traditional styles of Karate Kata are:

Shotokan,  Goju Ryu,  Wado Ryu and  Shito Ryu.  Shukokai is a part of the Shito Ryu system.

As most of the great Masters trained with each other over 100 years ago,  many of the Katas are performed in each of the styles and are similar in movement,  but with some slight differences in parts. There are also differences in the spelling of Kata names relating to its origin.

Each of the above concentrated on different aspects of Karate and Kata such as speed, power, relaxation, strength, soft and hard movements as well as long & short stances,  each style believing theirs to be the best:  hence the escalation of the oriental rivalry !

In Okinawa,  there are three main areas in which Kata was practised:  NAHA, SHURI & TOMARI  

Although these areas are only a short distance apart, the Katas were taught in slightly different ways and so occasionally the name of the Kata will appear in a different group according to which style (and Master) was teaching them. This is why we see many variations of the same Kata performed today !