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Shogun Karate Club opened in 1991 and offers expert training in Shukokai Karate and Self Defence by several fully qualified Black Belt Instructors.  There are 4 Sessions every week available for Men, Women and Children from the age of 7 years and over.

We currently have 72 Licenced Members spread over all the Sessions, so anyone may train once a week up to 4 times.

The Clubs are based in WALKDEN, MONTON and SALFORD.   Members can train at any or all of the Clubs at any time. 

All lessons include: Keep Fit, Stretching for High Kicks, Sparring, Padwork for Punching and Kicking, Kata, One to One Self Defence, Fighting Combinations, Take Downs & Restraints & Close Quarter Combat. Karate Training also instills Confidence, Discipline, Good Manners and Respect. 

There is plenty of opportunity to advance with regular Gradings to Coloured and Black Belt levels as well as Competitions and Courses to improve your Karate skills even further. 






                 CONGRATULATIONS to:


For outstanding achievements including Training and Teaching in Shukokai Karate for over 20 years and his Commitment and Dedication in support of Martial Arts and Shogun Karate Club.


                Mark Conlon (6th Dan)       Mark Toplis (5th Dan)       Kevin Sugrue (7th Dan)

                                           23rd  September  2018







    Mark Toplis (4th Dan)      Mark Conlon (6th Dan)      Kevin Sugrue (7th Dan)

        Congratulations to Sensei Conlon, awarded 6th Dan.

                                    8th October 2017

After many years of devotion to Shogun, we are proud to announce Mark's promotion to the advanced level of Rokudan.





Sensei Mark Conlon,  6th Dan  (CRB) (DBS Updated)

Sensei Mark Toplis,   5th Dan  (CRB) (DBS Updated)




         New Members Welcome Anytime


         Men,  Women,  Boys  and  Girls  7 years and over.



                 Sensei Conlon  01942 812335 

                             (or)    0780 109 8938

                [email protected]  


                 Sensei Toplis  07552 372474

                [email protected] 




Training Times  & Locations... 

  *Mondays   7pm - 8pm

Holy Angels Church Hall
Moorfield Road
Salford  M6 7EY
 HALL - Fully Alarmed & CCTV cameras in operation.  (1050 Sq. Ft.)



*Tuesdays 7pm - 8:30pm

Monton Memorial Hall                                Monton Green                                                           Eccles  M30 8AP

  HALL - Fully Alarmed & CCTV cameras in operation.  (936 Sq. Ft.) 
*Thursdays  7pm - 8:30pm
*Sundays    6pm - 7:30pm
St. Pauls Community Centre
Manchester Road
Walkden    M28  3JR
 HALL - Fully Alarmed & CCTV cameras in operation.   (960 Sq. Ft.)
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 Adult and Child Sizes Available









Karate History and Resources





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Shukokai Origin



                              Chojiro  Tani

       Founder of Shukokai (1921 - 1998)



The Shukokai school of karate was founded way back in 1946 by Chojiro Tani Sensei. 


He began his study of karate at junior high school practising Go Ju Ryu and continued his training at the Doshisha University in Kyoto where he studied under CHOJUN MIYAGI,   the great karate Master  (who was the founder of Go Ju Ryu and who had trained under HIGAONNA  Sensei).    Later when Sensei MIYAGI returned to Okinawa, TANI Sensei trained under KENWA MABUNI.


After the Second World War TANI Sensei started to teach Karate in an open air car park in the centre of Kobe.  His group (Shukokai) soon grew and one year later he built his own Dojo attached to his house.


In 1946 TANI Sensei was presented with the scroll of succession from MABUNI Sensei and was given permission to start up his own school: Tani-Ha Shito-Ryu.


On 13th April 1997,  several Dan Grades from SHOGUN (including myself) travelled down to Crystal Palace where we trained under TANI Sensei on a special course he was holding.  At the end of the course I had my photograph taken with him and he generously signed my Karate Licence.     What an honour !


Sadly,  Master TANI passed away in Kobe Hospital on Sunday 11th January 1998.  He was truly a legend in his own lifetime.



       Mark with Master Chojiro Tani  13.4.97  Crystal Palace